21 Jun Living on Purpose

Before I knew Christ, I lived my life pretty haphazardly. I lived day to day, rolled with the punches and sort of waited for life to unfold before me. I...

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17 Jun Restore

A while ago, Pastor Ryan preached a message series on the Old Testament book of Hosea. It was called, "Pursued" and was largely about the grace of God. In Hosea...

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16 Jun And Truth

While it seems that Jesus' teachings are upside down, it is really the world that has it backwards - it tells us that in order to "BE someone" we must...

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16 Jun Upside Down

Pastor Jimmy talked about experiments in perception conducted by a man named George Stratton. He utilized special lenses that made everything look upside down. At first, the sensation of it was...

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13 Jun Me Too

Our current message series is called "The Best is Yet to Be". Pastor Ryan spoke last week about a vision for our future as a church and this week. Pastor...

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10 Jun Remember

The word, "remember" is used 181 times in the Old Testament, with reference to remembering God's provision, mercy, and power in deliverance of His people (Deuteronomy 8:2, 15:15 1 Chronicles...

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