We were never meant to go it alone. God created us to be in community with other people—to be supported, encouraged, and challenged in our journey with Christ. That’s because life change happens better in circles of people than in rows of seats. Joining a group may be your next step toward following Jesus, so why not start here?
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God gave you gifts and abilities to help the church become better. The church gets a little more generous, vibrant, and diverse every time you take part. When you serve at an event or on a team at First Christian, you use your gifts to point back to the one who gave them to you.
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At First Christian Church, we give because God gave first. Who or what we invest our time, talent, and wealth in shows pretty clearly what we love. Generosity means loving God back in all of these areas. God doesn’t need your money, but He does want your heart. Could this be your next step?
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