“What’s it mean to follow Jesus?”


“How do I read the Bible? How am I supposed to pray? What’s worship all about?” If you’ve ever asked any of these questions (and most of us have), then a great place to start looking for answers is right here in The Basics course at FCC. We get it, Christians have a lot of ideas and terms that can seem kind of foreign and leave people new to faith or church feeling like outsiders. That’s why we’ve created The Basics (a “Christianity 101” course) to reduce things down to the absolute essentials of what we believe.


The Basics is a three-week course designed with busy lives in mind to give you time to download and process everything the course covers. You can come back each session with questions, comments, or anything else you discovered. Because, ultimately, most of us don’t just want cold hard facts—we want a real person along with us on this sometimes-tough journey of life. That’s what The Basics is all about.

I am a Christian, not because someone explained the nuts and bolts of Christianity, but because there were people willing to be the nuts and bolts.
Rich Mullins
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